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Company Profile

Founded in 1979, our company is an expert team from today for 150 people, with modern machinery of world-class 18,000 sqm closed area of Esenyurt / in the new factory building in Istanbul leader in Turkey and is among the most reputable companies in the world.

Our company R&D Department, which closely follows the developments in the world, increases its product range day by day by registering the projects it has created in the development of our products and new product designs by the patent institutions. Highest quality, reasonable price, which makes the infinite customer satisfaction, quality policy, our company has received the first document on TSE in Turkey in 1983, and has adopted the ISO 9001 quality management system in 1999.

In the international arena, our company, which has certified its quality with TÜV, APRAGAZ, CE certificates, has certified its products in accordance with the most norms by APRAGAZ, one of the world's largest accreditation organizations.


Always running one step ahead of its competitors, determining the needs of gas control system users all over the world, and providing products and services to meet them.


To be the world's innovative and leading brand that can meet customer needs in a short time by increasing the product range with perfect quality and affordable prices.

Our quality policy

  • It characterized by intense international competition today, while maintaining our standing as the leading brand in our sector in Turkey among the top ten largest manufacturer in the world to enter.

  • To present our product range at the highest quality level and at an affordable price in our sector and related sectors by determining the customer expectations correctly in order to take part in new markets.

  • To provide our customers with the right product with high quality, safe, affordable prices by using effective and most efficient production techniques.

  • with brands that we represent, to meet the needs of our industry to get at least a 15% market share in Turkey.

  • To ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction and trust by delivering our products on time,

  • To contribute to the development of quality understanding of our suppliers by increasing occupational safety and environmental awareness,

  • To ensure the continuity of our products and production quality by using high-level control techniques

  • Ensuring the reliability of the product in new product design or product development, taking into account all risk factors, legal conditions and standards,

  • To ensure the creation of qualified and educated manpower that works in accordance with the quality system requirements, customer-oriented, constantly improving itself in order to achieve our goals

  • In this understanding, understanding, adoption and implementation of our quality policy completely and accurately is the primary responsibility of every employee.

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