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CEO Message

is not only an e-Commerce company because it aims at forming a complete ecosystem of enterprises with a strong global online infrastructure, credit system, payment system, transaction system and logistics system. Pakistan owns a strong capacity for economic growth and is rapidly responding to the global change in the internet lifestyles. Therefore, we aim to build an ecosystem that allows South Asian suppliers to work with Pakistan and turn One Belt, One Road beneficial for everyone. I believe that an extensive trade does not have to be complicated; in an era, where the entire process turns into an easy step for buyers and sellers – the idea is to keep the trade one click away.

In 2019, the investment and transaction scale of the Chinese enterprises along the One Belt, One Road project has reached $48.2 billion which means it foresees an 81% year on year growth. Offline purchasing may connect you to a few suppliers but brings thousands of suppliers to your screen with professional assistance in finding the right one for you. Contributing to the same vision, takes an advantage of the technology and has designed an easy platform for the buyers and sellers to meet at one place.

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