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Request for Quotation

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·      What is RFQ? 

           An RFQ (Buying Request) is a purchase request posted by a buyer to request quotes from suppliers. 

·         How do I post RFQ?

            You can post all detailed information of the product wanted in a buying request, and there's high possibility that the supplier quotes you the              exact items you wanted. Achasoda also has one-to-one industry specialists to match your request with the supplier, and review quotations              before sending to buyers. And it is time saving compared to you searching products directly.

Please click here to post your RFQ.
Upon posting, suppliers will be able to view and respond to your RFQ and you can check their quotations in the 
RFQ section in My Achasoda. 

·         How can I get a quick and accurate quotation?

You are suggested to follow below three tips when send inquiry or post RFQ to get a quick and accurate quotation:

            1Demonstrate that you are a serious buyer with a legitimate business.
Describe the product you are trying to source with as much detail as possible to ensure your requirements are met.
Ask questions to determine whether the supplier is a good fit for your business.

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