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Al Noor
Achasoda 2 year store
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Al-Noor International introduces itself as one of a kind company in Pakistan Fisheries. It is the only company that is both backward and forward vertically integrated in the supply chain of the Seafood. We as a group, own Fishing Trawlers which guarantee us a continuous, steady and quality supply of Raw Material. This group also comprises of a Commission House where the Raw Material is auctioned, further ensuring awareness of current market price of the Raw Material. Last link of the supply chain but not the Least Al-Noor International has a Processing Plant and an Export license where we process and export high quality Seafood.

Al-Noor International has the state of the art processing plant where we are working day and night to secure ultimate customer satisfaction. We have a strong and independent Quality Control Team that ensures supreme quality of the product is being packed and shipped. Our dedicated Team at Al-Noor 'Works Hard to Make You Smile', catering to every need of our client and supporting them in all possible ways. At Alnoor- International it's all about


Al-Noor International is a company that weighs its success in repeat sales. It is a known fact that repeat sales only occur if the buyer derives value for money in the products purchased. We here believe that value for money can only be obtained if quality products are sold at reasonable price; hence quality is a big concern for us.

Here at Al-Noor International we have an independent Quality Control Team, working round the clock to achieve its prime objective of maintaining supreme quality. We have maintained our quality to the extend where we can proudly say that our common buyers with other processors first hunt for our products and once we are sold out only then they look for alternatives.

Al-Noor International further extends its hand forward to its buyer by always fulfilling the commitment. Here we strongly believe in living up to our commitments and our Quality Control Team plays a huge role in doing this so. They on a daily basis inform us with the accurate stock that is available which we further offer to our buyers. Counterfeiting stock and disappointing our buyers has never been the case and here NEVER will it be.

Al-Noor International has never hiked its performance and by the Grace of God we take pride in saying that we have outperformed the market.
Competitors have found difficult to sell products but Al-Noor International is always sold out. We have created a huge reliability factor in our selling to our buyers and we give this credit to our Quality Control Team; because of which we manage to sell our products even in the most pressed-down time.

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