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Product Group: Tobacco Packaging
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The prices of all products are quoted according to actual needs, please contact customer service for a quote before taking the picture!

product information

Product name: Printing and making self-adhesive labels

Product specifications: according to customer design draft

Production process: four-color printing, film bronzing, die cutting, glue and so on.

Material: Electrostatic surface sticker, writing sticker, copper plate sticker, dumb gold sticker, dumb silver sticker, bright gold sticker, bright silver sticker, brushed gold sticker, brushed silver self-adhesive, kraft paper self-adhesive, VOID tear off-self-adhesive, fragile Self-adhesive, removable self-adhesive, Glassine backing paper, kraft paper self-adhesive, reel self-adhesive (automatic labeling), etc.

Packaging method: carton packaging, logistics distribution, etc.

Transportation method: customer designated logistics

Price description: As it is a customized product, please contact customer service before taking pictures and confirm the price before taking pictures

Product introduction: Factory direct sales, authenticity guaranteed. There are more discounts on photos, please contact customer service for price and inventory











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