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high temperature furnace tungsten crucible

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Place of Origin:
Henan, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
tungsten crucible
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
5000 Piece/Pieces per Month tungsten crucible
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Standard wooden case with foam sheet inside.

Tungsten crucible high temperature furnace

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  high temperature furnace tungsten crucible high temperature furnace tungsten crucible high temperature furnace tungsten crucible high temperature furnace tungsten crucible high temperature furnace tungsten crucible high temperature furnace tungsten crucible high temperature furnace tungsten crucible high temperature furnace tungsten crucible


Description:  tungsten crucible
Tungsten crucible is one of metal tungsten products, which can be formed by sintering, stamping and spinning. Sintering products manufactured under the guidance of powder metallurgical technology is the most commonly used type for furnaces. Tungsten crucibles are specially made from pure tungsten plates or tungsten rods in corresponding processes, such as machine shaping and welding farbrication. tungsten crucible


Application: tungsten crucible
1.Tungsten crucibles are widely used as core containers in sapphire crystal growth furnace, quartz glass melting furnace, rare-earth smelting furnace and other industrial furnaces since the melting point of tungsten is as high as 3410℃;
2.Tungsten crucible can greatly benefit the crystal success rate, quality control in pulling crystal process as well as the service life of sapphire crystal growth furnace. tungsten crucible


Production Process: tungsten crucible
Tungsten Powder–Sifting - Batch - Isostatic Pressing – Lathe fabrication - Intermediate Frequency Sintering – Second Lathe Fabrication – Packaging. tungsten crucible


Features of Tungsten Crucible:
1.The crucible can be used in vacuum inert gas environment under the temperature of 2600℃;
2.It has a very high purity of 99.95% and high density over 18.7g/cm3; tungsten crucible
3.It has high melting and boiling points, high temperature strength, high abrasion resistance as well as high corrosion resistance; tungsten crucible
4.Tungsten crucible also possesses good thermal conductivity, good hardenability and low thermal expansion coefficient;
5.We produce tungsten crucibles with accurate size, clean bright internal and external wall. tungsten crucible


Detection Ability:  tungsten crucible
We have complete equipments for testing the physical properties of tungsten crucibles. We can test their density, hardness, surface roughness, grain size, tensile strength and other parameters with eddy current and ultrasonic equipments. The precise examine result of the overall density of the products may reflect the real performance of tungsten crucibles. The possible internal injuries on product surface, such as porosity, slag and cracks could be strictly inspected out to ensure their superior quality.

Achemetal Tungsten&Molybdenum  Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of tungsten crucibles in China. Besides tungsten crucibles, our furnace department also specializes in producing sintering furnace, sapphire growth furnace, hot zone for sapphire growth furnace, tungsten heater, etc. tungsten crucible


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Achemetal Tungsten & Molybdenum Co., Ltd., located in Luoyang, Henan Province, China, is a manufacturer of tungsten and molybdenum specialty products. Our product line includes foil, sheet, plate, wire, rod, fabricated part as well as pressed and sintered part. Our products have been used in a wide range of industries, including electronics, lighting, semiconductor, automobile, fiberglass, aircraft, medical and many others. We are committed to serve customers, helping our customers and working with our customers to succeed in the ever challenging market.


  high temperature furnace tungsten crucible


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  high temperature furnace tungsten crucible


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  high temperature furnace tungsten crucible

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