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Wire Welding Machine for wire industry production (UN-10) HangzhouWire Top Selling

Wire Welding Machine for wire industry production (UN-10) HangzhouWire Top Selling
Price Per Unit: $500
Suppling Ability: 200 piece
Delivery Time: 8 to 10 days
Payment Type: L/C, T/T, Others
Product Group: Metal & Metallurgy Machinery
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UN-10 Butt Welding Machine is a professional welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metal welder equipment. It by means of resistance butt welding, power utilization rate is high, and the welding effect is good. Roberts nail, widely used in wire and cable, enameled wire, steel wire rope factory and non-ferrous metal wire drawing industry. It is popular welding machine all over the world. 



1.welder transformer using shell structure, less loss.


2.the volume is small, usually does not have to be fixed, the welding operation is simple and convenient.


3.current regulation, pressure regulation is simple and practical.


Technical Data:

Model Power Rated capacity (KVA) Rated series  utilization factor primary current insulation grade Welding wire (mm)
UN-10 380v 10 7 8% 6.08A B 3.0-10mm

We are the professional manufacturer for different types of Wire Drawing Machines and Wire Straight and Cutting Machines. We will make the complete project of machines for each abroad customers according to their detail requirement such as the special products, required capacity and different purposes etc. If you have any inquiry, pls don't hesitate to contact with us at any time! We are willing to assist you and looking forward to cooperate with you in the near future! 


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