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Harley-Davidson Motorcycles To Get Android Auto 2021 Onwards

2020-03-17 Editor:Super administratorSource:Original


Harley-Davidson has confirmed that models from its CVO, Touring and Trike range, which are fitted with the company's Boom! Box GTS unit, will get Android Auto as standard fitment. This will make Harley the first ever two-wheeler manufacturer to roll out smartphone connectivity as a standard feature. The company has already been offering Apple CarPlay on its select models since 2018. With Android Auto connectivity, riders will be able to access all features and services that they can use in cars, including navigation using Google Maps, music, receiving calls and so on.

All Android smartphones will have to be connected to the display through a USB in order to switch on the Android Auto functionality. The good news is that this feature can be retro-fitted in older motorcycles from Touring, Trike or CVO range, going back to 2014 (which was installed with the Boom! Box GST infotainment system). If a motorcycle doesn't have the infotainment system, Harley-Davidson offers the same as a separately sold accessory.

In other news, Harley-Davidson has registered a new trademark for what seems to be the brand's new electric two-wheeler line-up, including the Harley-Davidson LiveWire. While Harley already has the LiveWire and a few electric bicycles, the motorcycle brand may be looking for a whole new range of electric two-wheelers, possibly even under a separate vertical with a new logo. While at this stage, it's not clear where the two logos will be used, it seems that Harley-Davidson is betting big on the electric two-wheeler space, and that will be something to look forward to, in the coming years.

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