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Light reflective sewing thread knitting yarn for Sewing Hat

50/2 60/3 Polyester Double Side High Light reflective sewing thread knitting yarn for Sewing Hat
Price Per Unit: $18
Suppling Ability: 1000 piece
Prefabricated Spec:
Delivery Time: 8 to 10 days
Payment Type: L/C, T/T, Others
Product Group: Thread
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7 days sample order lead   time


Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

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Polyester & Reflective ribbon









Packaging & Delivery:

Supply Ability:

80 Ton/Tons per Month

Packaging Details

1000 meters per roll, a box of eighty



Lead Time :


1 -   1000


Est.   Time(days)


To   be negotiated


Product Description:

Description of Retro Reflective yarn material

Reflective yarn is a kind of reflective material. Reflective material is also called retroreflective material. Within the square centimeter area, there are thousands of highly refractive glass beads arranged, which can reflect light back to the light source according to the original path, so that the observer near the light source can clearly see the target. The study found that bright silver reflective cloth can be found by motorists 300 meters away.

Description of Retro Reflective yarn material

Reflective yarn is made of a reflective film (consisting of PET) or a reflective fabric (nylon chemical fiber cloth), which is sliced. Reflective yarn is commonly used for knitting and weaving with other yarns. It is often used in ribbons, ropes and fabrics. It is a kind of textile auxiliary material in reflective finished products. Reflective yarn can be directly applied to the above products as required, and can also be twisted together with yarns and applied to embroidery, fly knitting- upper and other fields.

Reflective yarn implanted into thread, used in products, whether during the day or at night, can play a very good role in security.

Especially in the night or in the work, sports and entertainment occasions with poor visibility, the material can display excellent reflective performance as long as there are even very weak light source projection. High warning safety clothing involves police, sanitation, fire protection, ports, transportation and other road traffic safety fields, outdoor operations, and so on. At present, the reflective thread elements are also used on shoes and hats of popular sports goods to enhance fashion and cool feeling.

Reflective yarn brightness

We have our own factory, automatic Korean wire cutting equipment, according to the different

reflective film and reflective fabric cut out the following products:

Our newly developed color reflective yarn has reached high brightness standards in black, white, red, yellow, olive green and so on.

The brightness is higher than 150 (cd/lux.m2).There are 7 kinds of colors that have reached the ultra-bright standard (as shown). High-brightness yarn of other colors can be customized, with a customized MOQ 100,000 meters.

Our reflective cloth, the specific requirements of European and American international standards are EN ISO 20471:2013. The US standard is ANSI/ISEA 107:2015.

The detection needs 16 angles, the required brightness is 5° 12', and the required brightness is greater than 330 (cd / lx. m2).

Industrial washing, water washing and dry cleaning are required more than 100 times, and a series of exposure tests such as aging resistance, friction, bending, low temperature folding, temperature difference, rain and so on are required.


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