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Punjab Chicks
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Company Profile
In the beginning of the year 1990 the Punjab Chicks started to export a "day old chicks” to Dubai for the first time.

The Company satisfied its customers in Dubai and therefore came in the International lime light and the demand for more chicks exclusively from Punjab Chicks started to emerge. In this regard the Company got an offer from a well known and established poultry Company in Muscat by the name of “Nasir Lashco” to export the products of Punjab Chicks to them. Due to the credibility and superior quality products of Punjab Chicks the Company got worldwide recognition. The Chief Executive Officer of Nasir Lashco even visited Pakistan and showed full confidence on Punjab Chicks and its products. Thus assigning the Company with the dependability of exporting a "day old chicks” and hatching eggs. The visit by the CEO of Nasir Lashco left a lasting impression on him, and this left Punjab Chicks with a good name and an enduring credibility. The Lashco Company imported from Punjab Chicks a day old chicks as well as hatching eggs till they established their own breeding farms in Muscat.

This was the narration for the Dubai deal but it doesn’t end here. This was the beginning of a fulfillment of the development plan and the mission statement of Punjab Chicks. The mission/goal was to be recognized nationally and internationally in the world market for the production of quality standard yield. This was achieved when other countries like U.A.E and Saudi Arabia offered a deal for importing the product from the PC. During the same era as that of Nasir Lashco deal, the export of products of PC to U.A.E began. A branch office of PC was also opened up in U.A.E to facilitate export and to maintain the quality standards. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia was also being provided/exported with the famous products of PC…………...

“The name that recognizes quality and strives to achieve excellence in order to satisfy its customers nationally and internationally.”

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