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Traffic Signal Modern Lighting Pole Lighting Outdoor

Traffic signal modern lighting pole lighting outdoor, find more about lighting pole, lamp pole for traffic signal lighting pole
Price Per Unit: $100
Suppling Ability: 5000 piece
Size: Product Quality:
Delivery Time: 8 to 10 days
Payment Type: L/C, T/T, Others
Product Group: LED Professional Lighting
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Quick Details


Place of Origin:                                       Jiangsu, China

Brand Name:                                           Hua Ming Yuan

Material:                                                  Steel, Steel,hot rolled steel, Q235, Q345, S235, S355, SS400, Gr 50

Type:                                                       round,octagonal,square,polygonal

Application:                                             Square,outdoor illumination,road illumination,street illumination

Pole's Shape:                                           Round,polygonal,octagonal,tapered,square

Painting color:                                         (RAL)Color card according to client's requirements

Surface treatment 1:                                Rough pole

Surface treatment 2:                                Hot dip galvanizing antirust

Surface treatment 3:                                HDG. with powder coating

Wall Thickness:                                      2.5mm-30mm

Dimension Tolerance:                             +- 2%

Thickness of Galvanizing:                      80-100 microns in average according to ASTM A123

Ground Mounted:                                   Base plate with Anchor bolt in concrete foundation or Direct-embedded


Supply Ability


Supply Ability:                                        1500 Set/Sets per Month


Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details                                  

Package:                                           Poles usually are covered by woven bag, blankets or following client's requirements.

Delivery time:                                    20 days for a 40ft container full of poles; or following the discussion between buyer and seller.

Port                                                         Shanghai seaport, China


Product Description

Traffic signal modern lighting pole lighting outdoor, find more about lighting pole, lamp pole for traffic signal lighting pole online wholesale at

As traffic on our streets and in public areas keeps growing, directing traffic is very important to boost security.  Traffic Regulation Installations (TRI) play a significant part in this issue.

The mill has innovative submerged-arc welding and CNC welding equipment.  It's beyond flaw testing, external and internal dual welding makes the welding exquisite in shape.

Traffic signal modern lighting pole lighting outdoor


Hot rolled steel, Q235,Q345,S235,S355,SS400,Gr 50

Yield strength of Material

Minimum yield strength>=235n/mm2 for Q235, S235 and   SS400

Minimum yield strength>=345n/mm2 for Q345,S355 and Gr 50

Pole’s height

3m –15m

Length of one part

Within 16m once forming without slip joint

Wall thickness


Pole's Shape

Round, Polygonal, Taper octagonal, Taper round, Round conical,   Taper square, Square

Arm type

Single arm, Double arm or according to client’s requirements

Arm Diameter

Diameter as 42mm, 48mm, 60mm, 76mm and etc, can fit to any   diameter’s lamps.


250W to 400W


The factory has advanced submerge-arc welding and CNC welding   equipment. It has past flaw testing, internal and external double welding   makes the welding beautiful in shape. It confirms with the international   welding standard of CWB and AWS D1.1.


Hot dip galvanization with thickness of 80-100µm in   average according to Chinese standardGB/T 13912-2002 or American standard   ASTM A123, ISO: 2626-1985.

Wall thickness Tolerance

+- 0.1mm from 2.3mm to 4mm

+- 0.2mm from 5mm to 20mm

+- 0.5mm from 22mm to 30mm

Painting color

(RAL)Color card or refer to client’s requirements

Surface treatment 1

Black pole, Rough pole

Surface treatment 2

Hot dip Galvanizing antirust

Surface treatment 3

Hot dip galvanizing with powder coating

Temperature range

-35 °C~+45 °C

Wind Speed

Aganist wind pressure of 120Km/h to 180Km/h, it according to   client’s design.

Base plate mounted

Base plate is square, octagonal or round in shape with slotted   holes for anchor bolt and can be customized according to client’s   requirements.

Ground mounted

The length of buried underground can be produced according to   client’s requirements.

Quality Control

According to ISO9001-2008 requirements.


CE,ISO9001, ISO14001 ,SGS Audited Supplier, The AAA grade   certificate of goodwill


Less land occupation & easy maintenance  

Traffic signal modern lighting pole lighting outdoor, find more about lighting pole, lamp pole for traffic signal lighting pole online wholesale at

Traffic Signal Modern Lighting Pole Lighting Outdoor.jpg

Traffic signal modern lighting pole lighting outdoor

Hot dip galvanizing pole

Traffic signal modern lighting pole lighting outdoor

Powder coating pole

Traffic signal modern lighting pole lighting outdoor

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