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RELX Pod Pro 50mg Pack - Menthol Plus - 5% Nicotine - RELX Vape Wholesale Supplier

RELX Pod Pro 50mg Menthol Plus – 5% Nicotine Available on Achasoda Mall in wholesale price
Price Per Unit: $5.69
Suppling Ability: 20000 piece
Delivery Time: 8 to 10 days
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Product Group: Electronic Cigarettes
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The new RELX Pod Pro for the RELX PRO Essential and RELX PRO Infinity devices are the next generation of Relx Pod Pro. Freshness feelings that are colder and stronger, powered by menthol.

By capturing the rich, earthy tastes and combining them in a perfect combination for long-lasting cooling. With each puff, complex tones blend together to create a coordinating balance.

This is a classic!
The  Menthol Plus RELX Pod Pro 50mg Pack with 5% Nicotine offers notes of medium blend Menthol. The latest feel ceramic maze coil style is used in RELX Infinity and Essential Pods. For the best flavor and vapor production, the coil has an 11 layer structure heating element to prevent internal leakages and condensation.


  • (5%) nicotine strength.

  • 1.9mL of liquid per pod.

  • 650 Puffs Per Pod (Approx)

  • Innovative leak-resistant maze coil.

  • Ergonomic mouthpiece design.

  • Air Boost – Negative pressure airway design.

  • Active-Steam Pro – Constant and balanced atomizing

Product Specifications:

"Very cooling and tasty." 

By capturing the rich and earthy flavors and masterful blend for lasting cooling. Complex notes come together to achieve a coordinating balance with each puff.

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