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RELX Infinity Device - Arctic Mist Device - RELX Infinity Wholesale Supplier

RELX Infinity E-Cigarettes Single Device Vape Leak-resistant different flavors - Available on Achasoda Mall
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Are you ready for the comfiest vaping experience you've ever had? Air Boost and Active-Steam professional Technologies enable the RELX Infinity Device to deliver Super smooth Performance. The Relx infinity Device is simply Relx's newest modern closed pod system, with a 380mAh rechargeable battery and Super smooth technology, it provides the same and balanced vaping expertise with optimized draw performance, rich vapors, air boost, and active-steam professional.


The Leak-Resistant Maze and also the ergonomic Mouthpiece was designed with a leak-resisting maze and an ergonomic mouthpiece, The infinity device is one of the smallest vape pod systems on the market, housed in an Aluminum Unibody that gives light-weight convenience excellent for stealth vaping.

The RELX infinity device Prefilled Pod device is the RELX series' latest version. The RELX infinity, just like the RELX Classic, could be a small and lightweight pen-style device designed for both new and knowledgeable vapers. but with some amazing extra features. Air Boost and Active-Steam Pro Technologies enable the RELX Infinity to deliver Super Smooth Performance.


The RELX Infinity Device kits also include a number of extra features:

Leak-Resistant Maze:

The Relx infinity device replacement pods have eleven structural layers that stop internal leaks and condensation for a safe vaping experience.

Mouthpiece with Ergonomic Design:

The RELX Infinity mouthpiece is made to fit your lip perfectly. This reduces air leakage and provides a more pleasant inhaling experience.

 Pods that are symmetrical:

Because the new infinity pods are symmetrical, they can be inserted into the RELX Infinity device in either direction. 

Vibration Alert from Smart pace:

The infinite has an auto alarm system to help you keep track of your vaping activities. The infinity device will give you a small vibration as a warning if you smoke or more than 15 puffed in 15 min. 

Dual Charging System:

A C-Type fast charging cable is included on the RELX Infinity Pod Device, and wireless charging!! To charge your RELX infinity device wirelessly, follow the steps below.

Comfortable vapor output temperature of <55

Optimized draw resistance with the tolerance of +/- 0.4 kpa

Fast and sensitive draw activation of 0.2 seconds

Quiet inhalation sound of <10ᵈᵇ

Rich vapor output of between 6-7.5mg aerosol mass per puff

Product Specifications:

Packaging dimensions (Single device): 127*63*38 (mm)
Battery Capacity: 380 mAh Charging Duration Approx. 45 minutes
Puffs per charge cycle: 400
Net Device weight: 18g
Max Charging Voltage: 5V
Max Charging Current: 700Ma
LED Notifications:
Notifications: Lighting display
In Use:
Regular inhale: White LED flashes slowly
Low power: Red LED flashes slowly
No power: Red LED flashes 10 times
Charging: White LED flashes slowly
Fully charged: Constant white LED

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