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RELX Essential Device Pod Kit - Super Smooth - RELX Essential Wholesale Supplier

Super Smooth Leak-Resistant, RELX Essential Device Pod Kit - Available on Achasoda Mall in wholesale price
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The RELX Essential Device Pod Kit is a solid and simple to use the device, Great for those switching to vaping for the start time. Simply click on your chosen pod selling(separately) and start vaping. A pre-filled pod design means there is no need to waste time changing coils or refills – when your pod is empty, easily discard it and attach a new one. The 350mAh battery is designed to last all day, and also the USB-C charge lead makes it simple to recharge.

Best for vaping on the go, the RELX adopts a pocket-friendly style with a flexible creation for increasing durability. Offering ultimate ease of utilization, this RELX Essential Vape Kit is fired via inhale activation on any buttons or menu interfaces, while delivering an estimated 500 puffs per charge cycle. RELX Essential Device Pod Kit is to be recharged using the Type-C USB charging system, for improved power output and fast charge capability of forty minutes much as completely depleted. 

The RELX Essential Vape Kit is a good vape kit for everybody wanting to shift vaping, because of the easy installation, pre-filled pods, and smooth performance. Existing vapers searching for an almost low-maintenance e-cig pod kit would get the RELX Essential to be a good-considered option.

  1. Pre-Filled Flavour Pods

  2. 350mAh Built-In Battery

  3. Slimline, Lightweight Design

  4. Inhale Activated

  5. 500 Puffs Per Charging Cycle

  6. Type C-USB Charging

  7. 1.9ml E-Liquid Capacity

  8. Salt Nicotine Blends

  9. Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Green

Product Specifications:

Colors: Black/White/Blue/Red/Green
Packaging dimensions (Single device): 127*63*38 (mm)
Battery Capacity: 350 mAh Charging Duration Approx. 40 minutes
Puffs per charge cycle*: 360
Net Device weight: 17g
Max Charging Voltage: 5V
Max Charging Current: 670Ma

LED Notifications:
Notifications: Lighting display
In Use:
Regular inhale: White LED flashes slowly Low power Red LED flashes slowly
No power: Red LED flashes 10 times
Charging: White LED flashes slowly
Fully charged: Constant white LED

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