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Best And High Quality Of Bionic Tree Tower Available At

Buy Online Bionic Tree Tower – Best And High Quality Of Bionic Tree Tower Available Online At Cheap Prices For Wholesale
Price Per Unit: $950
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Product Group: Solar Cells, Solar Panel
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Buy Online Bionic Tree Tower Best And High Quality Of Bionic Tree Tower Available Online At Cheap Prices For Wholesale At


The Bionic Tree Tower, also known as the Bionic Tower and the Bionic Tower, belongs to the technical field of communication towers. It is to coordinate the communication tower with the surrounding natural environment, and effectively solve the problem of difficult construction in scenic spots and other places. The advantage is that it maintains all the advantages of the original single-tube tower and makes major breakthroughs and improvements in its shape. Taking natural growth of pine trees, eucalyptus, etc. as simulation samples, designing sketches and computer renderings, formulating sculptures and spraying process procedures, and simulating camouflage of single-tube towers, making people not aware of the existence of towers and integrating them into In the surrounding natural environment.

There are many kinds of Bionic Tower, which are mainly divided into imitation pears such as Yingkesong, Imitation Coconut and Imitation Palm Tree, which are installed in some scenic areas.


1. The structure is exquisite and realistic, and the appearance is beautiful and elegant. Because the Bionic Tree Tower is modeled on actual plants, the shape resembles a real imitation, because it is finely crafted and installed in landscapes, parks, plazas and trees similar to its species, close to nature and blended with nature, and a new and unique large line frame. For the traditional platform hidden in the branches and leaves will not destroy the overall beauty of the tower body, the Bionic Tree Tower humanized shape design, with a vibrant atmosphere of the times.

2. Strong structural stability and good technical performance. The tower base adopts the independent reinforced concrete structure, which can effectively avoid the uneven subsidence of the foundation; the feeder fixing splint is set inside the tower body, and the feeder line is protected from the wind and rain, which effectively solves the feeder damage factor and thus prolongs its Service life; each section of the tower is finished with a finished inner flange connection to ensure concentricity and verticality, avoiding the safety hazards of other connection methods.

3. The floor space is small and the economic effect is remarkable. The tower body adopts a conical single-tube structure, and the floor space is only l-2 meters square, the foundation is 4-6 meters square, and there is no need to build a base station wall, thereby reducing the user's land acquisition area and saving costs (especially in towns).

4, long service life, long-lasting effect due to the relatively small external damage of the tower body, and the structure is reasonable, the materials used are excellent, so the iron tower has a longer service life; the surface is hot-dip galvanized, the corrosion resistance is good, and the surface is equipped with The simulated bark, which simulates the bark and simulates the foliage, is a high-grade composite material that is waterproof, fireproof and anti-corrosive. It can ensure its appearance does not peel off for a long time.

Highlights of JIAYAO self-supporting tower

● Leading design concept.

● Versatility, modular design, flexible configuration of accessories.

● Tower group design, modification and adjustment.

● The tower section is universal, and the same tower section taken from the same mother tower is completely common in different tower types.

● Lower costs.

● Self-supporting tower light weight.

● Self-supporting tower installation cost is good.

● Self-supporting tower installation time is short.

● High reliability.

● The design and processing of JIAYAO's self-supporting tower products are in line with ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

● 50 years design life.


What Is The Details of JIAYAO Bionic Tree Tower?

Design standard


Welding standard

AWS D1.1

Galvanization standard


Design Wind Speed

Up to 200 km/h

Angular steel

Material quality

Mild Steel:Q235B/ASTM A36/S235JR

High Steel:Q345B/ASTM A572/S355JR

Allowable deflection

0.5 ~1.0 degree

Bolt grade

Gr 4.8, Gr 6.8, Gr 8.8


Hydraulic Press Stamping

What is the height of JIAYAO Bionic Tree Tower we can provide?

5m up to 50m is the tower height we can provide.

What antenna can be mounted on JIAYAO Bionic Tree Tower?

Type of antenna


Panel antenna (sector antenna)

GSM antenna for 5G:2.52m×0.265m×0.13m, 1.31m×0.32m×0.11m

Parabolic reflector(dish antenna)

Microwave antenna Diameter:0.6m, 0.9, 1.2m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.4m


Radio Remote Unit:0.45m×0.32m×0.25m

WIFI antenna

Grid or parabolic directional antenna / yagi / omnidirectional antennas

Other Antenna

VHF/UHF Dual-band Antenna FM antenna







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