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Medical Steriliazation Crepe Paper

Purchase Description: Use with ETO, steam, irradiation sterilization methodology.Avaliable in different sizes and colors

Size Required: 100*100

Quantity: 40,000

Heat Sealing Sterilization Gusseted Reel Roll

Purchase Description: Large sterilizing goods can be easily loaded due to gusseted design. The indicator's color has significant change and no change back.

Size Required: 75*75

Quantity: 36,000

Sterilization Flat Paper

Purchase Description: Used in packing of disposable medical products, namely infusion tube, syringe, gauze and as well surgical equipment, where the quality specifications of the product must be strictly controlled

Size Required: 60*60

Quantity: 28,000

Portable digital x-ray machine

Purchase Description: Wire control/ Wireless control(20m)

Size Required: Portable

Quantity: 1 Set

PVC Vinyl Electrical Insulating Tape

Purchase Description: Strong adhesion, can closely adhere to variety of wire

Size Required: 18mm*10m or customized

Quantity: 05 Dozen

Extension Electric power board

Purchase Description: As per sample

Size Required: 220x100x35mm

Quantity: 02 Dozen

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IEEEP 2019