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Smart Watches: When Watches Go Digital

2020-12-08 Editor:Hamza HayatSource:Original


Time.!!! The companion no one asked for, but everyone gets. Successful people keep close track of it and those who don't, never fit in the category of "Successful People”. As Jeannette Walls says in her book The Glass Castle,

            "Unlike diamonds, watches were practical. They were for people on the run, people with appointments to keep and schedules to meet.

Man has known the importance of time and has discovered different ways to keep a track of it. From hourglasses to shadow clocks made from stones, timekeeping devices had been a part of every culture in the timeline of history.

As mankind evolved, so did these devices. The first wristwatch was invented in 1868 by Patek Philippe, a Swiss Watchmaker. After almost 140 years the Wristwatches evolved into Smartwatches.

What is a Smartwatch?

A Smartwatch is the most recent and advanced member of the wristwatch family. It is a portable device that connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth and provides you with accessibility to more great features, in addition to telling time.

What Makes Smartwatch worth buying?

The Smartwatches' bag of tricks just doesn't seem to be emptying soon. With technological advancements being made on a constant basis, new features are being added to smartwatches every day. The digital watches that only used to tell time and perform simple calculations can now.

1.     Sync with your Smartphone.

2.     Get notification updates.

3.     Manage Apps

4.     Integrate with Social Media

5.     Answer calls and messages by voice.

6.     Track Fitness.

7.     Find your Device

8.     Tell Time (Of course)



What Features Should A Smartwatch Have?

Almost all smartwatches have some basic features in common, other than that the additional features totally depend upon the lifestyle of the person who wears them. For example, a person who likes to keep a healthy lifestyle can use it to keep track of the steps he runs and calories he burnt.

Here are some features that a smartwatch has,

Notifications and Alerts

This is a must-have feature for any smartwatch. This feature allows the smartwatch to prompt and manage the notifications from your smartphone. These notifications can be from other apps, your email, messages, alarms, to-do tasks, or even missed calls. And a smartwatch not only mirrors the notifications from your smartphone, but you can respond to that notification from the smartwatch itself.

An amazing feature of the recent Apple watch includes a Fall Senor. If you are wearing the Apple Watch and you suddenly fell to the ground, the app will detect your subsequent movement after the fall and will send you a series of escalating notifications. If you fail to respond to those notifications, the watch will consider you injured and will alert the local authorities about your location.

GPS Connectivity for Smart Navigation

This is one of the most popular and handy features of a Smartwatch. As all smartwatches support GSM settings, it enables a smartwatch to detect the precise location of the wearer, making the smartwatch well equipped to integrate with online maps.

GPS connectivity feature is supportive in many scenarios. For example, the Apple Watch uses vibrations to tell the person to turn left or right. Which eliminates the need to look at the smartphone again and again for directions.

Due to this feature of a smartwatch, everyone can walk around any neighborhood without the fear of getting lost.

Find My Phone or Car Keys

Going out for dinner? Suddenly realize you don't know where your car keys are? Or can't even find your phone?

Don't worry.!! Everyone has been in this situation, sometimes twice in a day. 

Smartwatches can be a lifesaver when it comes to finding your things. Most smartwatches come with a default feature of "Find My Phone", which enables the watch to either show you the location of your cell phone or even make it ring or vibrate.

Similarly, you can download different apps to connect your car keys and other devices to your smartwatch.

A Smartphone on Your Wrist

When you are wearing a smartwatch, you can go cellphone-free. Once connected to your smartphone, your smartwatch can display every notification that appears on your cell. You can check calendars, social media, emails, call logs, messages, and whatnot.

You can answer and make calls from your smartwatch just like that. As the voice-recognition feature made its way into our daily lives, smartwatches also adapted to this brilliant innovation.

Smartwatch for a Smart Home

The core objective of the concept of Smart Homes is automation on every level. All thanks to the innovations made in the field of automation, now you have full control of every possible variable of your home. From turning the electronic devices on and off to adjusting their intensity. From maintaining the levels of temperatures of every room individually, to having a security camera at your doorstep; you can manage all this with just a click of a button.

Smartwatches allow you to integrate Google Assistant or Alexa that is already synced with your smart home. This feature allows you to control everything in your home without being present there.

Smartwatch: A Fitness Freak

Even if someone is not into being a fitness fan, they still love to get updates about their health. Do they like to know how many steps they took in the day? What is their current heart rate? How well did they sleep last night? And much much more,

Smartwatches come equipped with different sensors like,

1.     Heart-rate monitor.

2.     Pedometers.

3.     Blood pressure monitor

4.     Sleep monitor

5.     Blood Pressure monitor

Nothing can beat a good smartwatch when it comes to providing extensive information on a small screen with great interactive elements.

Your Own Personal Assistant

There are a lot of things that often slip from one’s mind during a busy day. What if you could hire your personal assistant to remind you of every upcoming task? Too expensive, right.?

Well, your smartwatch can be your own portable personal assistant. Once you create a reminder of an upcoming event, it will save them time and will inform you about it. For example, if you tell your smartwatch to remind you to take medicines at 1:30 PM, your smartwatch will remind you to take that medicine no matter what.


A lot of people think that buying a smartwatch is actually a waste of money. This statement can be true for some and not for others. Technological advancements are making our lives easier day by day. Innovations like smartwatches are a fun way to organize your tasks, keep track of your health, control your home, and much more.

After understanding the features that a smartwatch must-have, it's finally your call to choose whether it suits your lifestyle or not. But keeping a smartwatch isn’t a harmful thing to do in any way.

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