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ITCN ASIA – IT Week and Telecom Show 2020

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Since its inception in 2001, ITCN Asia, now scheduled for the 16th consecutive year, has grown into the largest IT & Telecom extravaganza in Pakistan. The world's most powerful brands will showcase their high-quality products and services that will allow the consumer community to experience more technologies and solutions under one roof. Most importantly, it will provide an opportunity for business-to-business co-operation, using the power of both. ITCN Asia exhibitions and conferences have been instrumental in marking the picture of Pakistan in the world IT Map, bringing a huge foreign and domestic investment to the country.

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Over the years ITCN Asia has grown from a national event to a regional event. A few years ago there were very few companies with quality certificates. Today, with more than 100 ISO certified companies, the quality drive is driven by two new projects aimed at taking five companies to CMM companies at level 5 and 30 at CMMi 3 level and above.

In addition to Quality Assurance and quality assurance processes, the industry requires Human Resources, Space and Bandwidth. We have an approved Public Sector Development project where training programs, tailored to the specific needs of the Industry, are developed by the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB). In addition, many other HR programs are being planned through the Telecom R&D Fund, where existing IT graduates are given the opportunity to seek professional training and productivity. The Higher Education Commission formed a strong link between Industry-Academia and took further steps to improve the quality of the graduates.

Software Technology Parks (STPs) are set up in all major cities. In Islamabad the International Technology Park (ITP) is already operating in Awami Markaz, while the world is already set aside for other STPs. In Lahore, certain areas have been identified and demolished. In Karachi the ITP is already operating at Caesarean Tower, while land acquired in the Civic Center by a 47-story IT tower, construction will begin soon. Before the bandwidth, until recently, there was only one fiber optic cable for international connectivity. Today, we have 3 different submarine cables for international connections. This will provide much needed bandwidth for our data networks.

The ITCN Asia Exhibition is where you will see new and innovative technologies and solutions in action . It is the leading electronic business event for business decision makers in the area. Taking 3 days, the Exhibition at the Karachi Expo Center, is the foundation of the global IT Industry. Another opportunity to market IT & Telecom products and connect with critical traffic, ITCN Asia is one store where you can "test drive" all the products on your list. The Exhibition will serve as a complete exhibition of the latest technology, machinery and equipment and integrated services, at the same time providing investors with a clear view of the regional IT & Telecom Industry and the opportunity to meet potential partners and business partners.

ITCN Asia is part of the ITCN series that has exposed the local IT industry, introducing Karachi as a regional IT hub that attracts major IT players from all over the world.

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