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International Building Material And Construction Show

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The Build Asia Exhibition will give the international and Pakistani business community the opportunity to access markets in Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, the Middle East and Central Asia Republic. The event aims to focus on the potential of the Pakistani Building and Construction Industry and will showcase the latest advances in Equipment, Material, Services and Technology in related sectors, and provide opportunities for Overseas Exhibitors to collaborate with local entrepreneurs in partnership, technology transfer and appointment of Agents / Distributors / Partner.

Pakistan - The Regional Business Hub


Pakistan - a country of many untested opportunities has recently made a name for itself in the international market by being a powerful and developing country in the world. The Pakistani government has adopted an open investment policy to attract higher foreign investment, where foreign investors can hold up to 100% equity in many sectors of the economy. As a result, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country has risen sharply in the last few years, which is why Pakistan stands out from many other countries in the region.

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